Our History

Dr. Baolin Wu graduated and worked at Guang An Men Hospital in Beijing China before he decided to come to the United States. During his time at the hospital he worked both as a medical doctor and a TCM doctor. Even though he had the unique and privileged opportunity of earn a dual degree in both western and eastern medicine, Dr. Baolin Wu focus his medical career mostly on his practices of TCM and Acupuncture. Since coming to the U.S. Dr. Wu established Beijing Chinese Medical Center (BCMC) in 1991and started his practice in Santa Monica, California.

With his 28 years of practice in Santa Monica and his over 40 years of accumulated experience in the field of TCM and Acupuncture, Dr. Baolin Wu is in a unique position to help his patients. With his vast amount of knowledge and understanding in medical science and TCM, Dr. Wu has effectively treated a broad spectrum of diseases and illnesses over the years.

Dr. Wu Ju Tong: Dr. Baolin Wu and Dr. Eric Di Wu’s forefather in the Qing Dynasty of China was a prominent Chinese doctor most notable for his on Warm Disease Theory (Wen Bing Xue). In Chinese medicine there are four classics that all serious students are required to study. These include the Classic of Internal Medicine (Nei Jing), Treatise on Cold Damage (Shang Han Lun), Synopsis of the Golden Chamber (Jin Kui Yao Lue) and Dr. Wu Ju Tong’s Detailed Analysis of Warm Diseases (Wen Bing Tiao Bian). Wu Ju Tong’s teachings, methods, and herbal formulas were passed down from generation to gerneation within the family until now to Dr. Baolin Wu and Dr. Eric Di Wu.

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