About Us

Delinton Health is an herbal supplements company with the objective to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals. As a pioneer in the industry, we fuse proven, traditional Chinese medicine with the modern herbal supplement formulas that exist today.

Our mission is to improve and enhance the lifestyles of everyday consumers by offering an innovative blend of research-based nutritional supplements and ancient Chinese practices that were used by our predecessors.

As part of our commitment to provide safe and exceptional quality products, we utilize all-natural, plant-based ingredients that deliver a transparent and accurate solution to meet the needs of everyday patients.

Our Story

Founded by Dr. Eric Di Wu (MBBS, DC) Delinton Health has pioneered its new product line of herbal supplements catering to a variety of different patient needs including depression, insomnia, stress, weight loss, detox, hormonal imbalance, and brain function enhancement. With access to technology not available to his ancestors, Wu transformed the delivery method of their formulas by extracting the raw ingredients and shrinking them into a pill capsule for easy-to-use consumption and bitter less taste.

Over seven generations ago, his ancestor Wu Ju Tong, a famous Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor in the Qing dynasty, invented herbal formulas that were used to heal patients at his acupuncture and medical practice. Passed down from generation to generation, Wu’s father, Dr. Baolin Wu, took the formulas and clinically applied them to his medical practice in the United States which has been operational for over 28 years. He founded his clinic, Beijing Chinese Medical Center, in 1991 in Santa Monica, California where he has continued to use these formulas on patients producing high efficacy rates.

With proven results and success stories from existing patients, Delinton Health realized the opportunity to further commercialize its product line, ultimately making the herbal supplements and their key benefits readily available for everyday consumers.

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